Smoke Vent Inspection, Testing and Certification

Most failures with fire protection devices stem from a lack of maintenance. With over 28 years in smoke vent design, manufacturing, and testing, we at Sky Systems pride ourselves in helping clients maintain compliance with the NFPA 204 standard. Our annual service, inspection, and certification on all smoke vents allows us to properly safeguard against fire-related hazards.

Smoke Vent Inspection Process:

  • Provide exterior inspection of rusted hinges, cracked domes, and foreign restraint cables.
  • Check for proper door operation, Ul listed fusible links, and proper operation of latch assemblies.

Importance of Vent Exhausting:

Current standards for heat and smoke vents require an outside manual release. The outside manual release allows fire authorities a safer and faster means of exhausting smoke from a building, thereby eliminating the need to cut holes in the roof structure.

Smoke Vent Inspection Tag:

Once corrections have been made, and it is verified that the vent is in proper working order, a smoke vent inspection tag, (including inspection date, inspectors name, and satisfactory operation) is placed on the interior of the unit.

Repair Process Tag:

Vents that are found in unsatisfactory operating condition will receive a repair in process tag. In some cases, complete replacement is required. Sky Systems can recommend compliant manufacturers for listed smoke vents and provide turn-key replacement and installation.

Inspection Form and Field Test:

Upon completion of the smoke vent evaluation, Sky Systems will provide an Inspection Form with photos and video. A Field Test will be filled out and provided to the Facility Engineer. This should be on record for local fire authorities to review.

Trust Sky Systems, your smoke vent professional, to keep your building safe and code compliant.